When Your Business Is Unprepared for a Black Swan Event Like the Coronavirus

Don’t panic. There are a few very easy things you can and will do.

You use a receptionist or guard watching top door, a burglar system in the evening, anti-virus software protecting your computers and also a firewall protecting your servers. It’s all good excluding one thing. You just sent your staff to help you home. You can’t let your small business information, including some data with compliance requirements that need to be protected, become come across the internet.Don’t expose your organization, the workers, or perhaps your customers to internet pirates and scammers or worse. If you have suddenly found yourself in this particular position, consider providing the workers with these basic tools to allow them for you to use home securely.

We have a home in an age in which the level of risk in our confidential information grows greater each day. The need to safeguard digital communications places an enormous burden with a business and needs constant diligence to mitigate these ever-evolving risks. During a Black-Swan event such as the spread of COVID-19, where you stand forced to create a critical decision like sending your staff home with not many days’ notice, it is essential that you do not let your guard down. The use of secure encrypted email application is leading line of risk avoidance for your company.

Email Encryption is really a must

You need a questionnaire your entire team may use safely, easily, and affordably. You don’t have enough time for extended exercise sessions or to learn who has what capability in your own home. You need a merchandise that is easy to put in, simple to use and highly flexible, including a compatible mobile app. If you will be sending secure emails to clients, suppliers varieties outside of your company you will need a software that allows you to send an encrypted email to recipients to buy the application to be able to receive a secure email.

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