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How to Make Bottle Lights That Are Both Corky and Brilliant

Bottle lights have become increasingly popular, and more businesses are offering kits and tools to create them yourself. It’s not just that cork lights can make people happy and brighten up a room; it’s also that they’re ridiculously simple to make and can be done by anyone. Whether you want to hang them from the ceiling or spread them around a room, these bottle lights with cork are sure to bring light and life wherever you place them! This is how you do it.

To begin, wash the bottles with water, dish soap, and a green scrubber. Cleaning the bottle in this way gets rid of any annoying labels or grime that may have accumulated there. Then, gather the materials you will need for your project. You may want a few extra pieces of cork for mistakes or in case you want to make more than one light. You will also need super led lights, silicone sealant, and a drill. Cork strips should be about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long. Apply the silicone sealant liberally on the bottom edge of each strip where it touches the bottleneck. Position the strip across the mouth of your bottle so that when you put it on top, it will be flush with both sides and not stick out. Gently press down on the strip so that it is secure. Make four vertical holes in the top of the bottle’s cork, allowing the liquid inside to drain. To allow enough room for your wiring and switch, one hole should be directly across from another.

The opening must be precisely sized so that the wire from the LED strip can be inserted into it without dangling. Once you’ve made a hole large enough for the wire, poke one end of the wire into the hole until about an inch remains on either side of the bottle. Wrap electrical tape around both ends of the wire until it’s secure and tightly sealed inside. Next, take another piece of electrical tape and place it across where there are two wires protruding from one end. Stretch your LED strip lengthwise down the length of the cork before securing it with more pieces of tape on top of this piece of electrical tape. Finally, feed the other end of the wire back up through its original hole in the bottle and seal it off as well with more tape pieces at both ends. Viola: You now have a gorgeous set of cork-bottle lights that will illuminate any room in style!

Buying a kit is probably the easiest way for beginners. However, if you are crafty enough to make your own wine bottle into a lampshade, then there are lots of different projects out there that will be perfect for you.

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